Trees Of Love

tree of loveMy ‘Trees of Love’ began, kind of by accident.

A friend was going through a difficult, lengthy medical challenge and one of her dearest friends rallied MANY supporters to surprise her in the wee hours of her spring birthday, by having cards placed all over her big oak tree. It was kind of like the song “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree”. The image was poignant and beautiful and it immediately struck me as a tree of love. I painted a small Tree of Love for her with a yellow ribbon around the trunk of the strong old oak tree…and that’s how my Trees of Love began.

The Trees of Love are often gifts from groups of people for special occasions, particular challenges or times of illness.
Often, especially with groups, I will put the names of the gift givers into the layers of the trees. Each Tree of Love is unique but recognizable by its many layers of wonky 3-D square brush leaves.

A Tree of Love will never be reproduced and is created especially for the recipient, using his/her favorite colors. Replica gift cards are made for the recipient and the gift givers, but will not be sold to others. It is a one of a kind gift that has become quite popular; I especially love doing them, because they are so personal.

I have created many different painting sizes for groups of varied sizes. Prices are quite affordable, especially when given as a group.

An example of one of my Trees of Love is posted above.  It was a  project I did with a group of 20 patients, over a 3 month period. Words of inspiration are written in the leaves and this painting hangs in a mental health setting to enhance the therapeutic mileu. 

There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.
~ Vincent Van Gogh